SLAM: Happiness

What is happiness? A subjective and dynamic feeling. We often travel the world, buy the most expensive things, eat the rarest dishes to attain this feeling of content and joy. Some do not have this privilege.  She wanted to experience magic, She wanted to see the pumpkin change into a luxurious coach, She wished everything she … Continue reading SLAM: Happiness


SLAM:Marital Rape

Marital rape is still not recognized in the Indian Constitution. Women are raped everyday because with those seven promises, they gave life long consent to have sex. Today, i share a poetry written from the point of view of a young widow. I took a trip to the day of love,'red and yellow, roses and marigold, … Continue reading SLAM:Marital Rape


Rapid growth and industrialization around the globe has resulted in increasing emissions of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane amongst others. Emitters of these harmful gases includes everyone from consumers to the Government. These greenhouse gases play a vital role in the climate change that the world is facing currently. These emission … Continue reading CARBON TAX